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I have been interested in cars since I was a boy and used to play with corgi cars and park them orderly around the edge of the parkray fire in our terraced house in Worcester.Then as I got older and walked everywhere,(as we did in those days) I used to listen to a car coming behind me in the not very busy streets and guess what it was.It was either a Ford Anglia,Humber Sceptre or a bigger Zodiac.

Then older still after school I started buying and selling cars,starting with Minis,then Ford Cortinas and as my enthusiasm grew I specialised in RS2000s and Mexicos and the odd 240Z.

It was time to grow up,so I got a "Proper Job" at a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Worcester and could see a future in this.

To cut a long story....I ended up M.D of Stirling of Worcester,for twelve years,building a state of the art site and becoming Dealer of the Year twice,subsequently gaining Hereford Mercedes as well.Great times with many lovely customers and staff. However,Mercedes Benz changed their route and we sold all in 2002.

So I carried on in a specialised Mercedes-Benz used car site in St Johns Worcester,with a bodyshop nearby and Suzuki in Hereford.

However,after a very busy and hectic life in the motor trade for the last 35 years I reckon now is the time to specialise in "Tasty " carefully selected cars from home.

By keeping the overheads down and staying really personal with cars I know,from people I know,it has to be the way forward.

If I have anything of interest to you,you can rest assured they are top quality cars.If you do not see what you are looking for give me a call and I will see if I can source it for you.

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Adrian Hunt Cars Limited

Set in the heart of Worcestershire,
Only 10 minutes from the M5.


E: sales@adrianhuntcars.co.uk
T: 01905 797036
M: 07721 398000
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